A door opened for Mukwaya after a family separation

A separation does not only break a home but leaves a gap that becomes inevitable to fill. Shadia Mukwaya witnessed the separation between her parents at 5 years old. Since then, she has been living with her mother in the slums of Kamwokya.

Life has not been easy! Managing a home as a single mother has been a bumpy road. The mother did small odd jobs and continuously struggled to meet the needs. One of them was a snack business that hardly could sustain them nor keep Mukwaya in School.

Her story was shared with¬† ECM staff at the time. Sooner than later, Shadia then 7 years, was enrolled into the child sponsorship program at Kampala Capital City primary School. Luckily enough, she studied throughout her primary, secondary level until her completion of senior six final exams in 2019. She attributes her completion of the secondary studies to God’s grace.

Not everyone gets leapfrogged to this extent, her commitment, hard work and positive living have driven her this far.

Thereafter she joined Next Step for skills development training. She preferred to run a snack business due to her past experience while working with mother. In addition to entrepreneurship knowledge borrowed from school, she dreams of owning a number of enterprises in future.

As per now, her business is supporting her mother and she can afford to pay rent.  As the business continues to grow, she hopes to employ some people from the community.

At 20 years, it is amazing to see Mukwaya stand on her own and hope to further her studies. Her trust in God at all times has accelerated to a point that she remains hopefully amidst any storm.