Apio operates a knitting business

On completion of O’ Level, Grace Apio sat home because her parents could not afford to further her studies. They had to support her younger siblings to continue with school.

As a person with albinism, she was relegated to kitchen duties because they did not see her worth even in future. Lost in thought, Apio accepted what life had thrown at her and she kept home.

In 2017, an ECM staff noticed her plight and gladly added her to the ECM family. At 23 years, she joined Tororo Hope Centre together with her brother Valentino Owor (both are living with albinism)

After embarking on this journey, there was hope at the end of the tunnel. With support from ECM, She got sponsorship to pursue vocational studies in December 2017. Grace enrolled for a tailoring course early 2018 and later completed it in August 2019.

It did not stop at that. Later, Grace enrolled in the Next Step program in 2020 to identify, seek funding and actualise her business idea.  Fortunately, March this year, she started her business of knitting after ECM donated a machine and threads as her seed capital. Apio has gone ahead to add other items such as clothes, shoes for sale at the market to elk a living.

In fact, this has popularised her in the neighbourhood because of her willingness and attitude towards work especially regarding her status. In additional to that, this has led to a soft landing while doing business. She is loved by her family, neighbours and also most people in her locality.

Apio is happily married to a black man with a child. Unlike in the past when she was seen as an outcast in society. The sunscreen lotions, hats, reading glasses together with additional skills training by ECM have immensely changed Grace’s life. Her family has grown to accept and love their children.

Her neighbourhood is growing to accept and respect PWAs as any other human beings.

Apio is among the few who preach and share with other children during Saturday club meetings at the Hope centre.

Grace can’t say it all but she is ever grateful for the ECM family.