Food relief saved Lotukei’s family during the lock down

The second lock down was averred in mid-July this year by the Head of State, President Yoweri Museveni, which not only left many households poor who depend mainly on hand to mouth but also instilled a sense of anxiety and hopelessness in families.

Lotukei Eric’s family is one of those who were affected by the lock down. It has been tough for a big family whose parents earn meagerly. The mother is a peasant while the father is a cameraman in Bulibandi village, Nakigo sub county in Iganga district. The family of nine children received food relief during this second wave.

” The situation was not good at all. We had no money to buy food. My father was home and there was nothing much to harvest either. It was until Every Child Ministries intervened that revitalized us to live through the hard times”.

Apart from Lotukei, schooling for the other siblings is another fairy tale. He remembers the previous years; life was not easy whereby getting school fees or even what to eat was a tug of war.

“During one of her visits, a paternal aunt noticed the appalling condition at home, she decided to take me with her to Kasenyi, one of the suburbs in Kampala. Even while there the situation was not any better. Albeit this is where a door opened and I was introduced to Every Child Ministries Uganda. ECM has supported my education journey from Primary three in 2010 up to date, they offered me all requirements and school fees. I got everything I desired through ECM’ s support.”

Hinged on hope for today, ECM reached out to more than 200 beneficiaries with food relief in all its hope centers. Phillip Dengel, father to Lotukei praised ECM for standing and supporting the family, “We now have a medical doctor in the making, we are grateful for the opportunity offered to support my son this far and of course the food. May the Almighty Lord bless you.”

Philip Dengel (in the middle), father of Lotukei poses in the picture with family after receiving 50 Kgs of maize flour as food relief from Every Child Ministries.

ECM has seen Lotukei through his primary education level up to the medical institute where he is pursuing a certificate at Iganga School of Nursing. He is in first year albeit the school activities have been halted under the President’s directive in the fight against Covid 19.  

“I want to thank ECM for the love, education and most especially the motivation letters shared that have encouraged me that I can make it in life. I am also grateful for the relief during the pandemic,” He sends out his appreciation.

Even when the education system has been distorted in unprecedented times, Lotukei has been preparing by reading books so that when school opens in November, he strives to make it to the top. Lotukei intends to achieve his dream of becoming a professional nurse.


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