Lokee has hope to further his studies

Simon Lokee hails from a family of 6 as the eldest with both parents deceased. From the age of 5, he has moved from home to home to perform house keeping duties.

From Nabilatuk to Kalopidinga village, another relative requested Lokee to stay with her family.  Being the eldest among the children, it was Lokee’s responsibility to take care of children and his siblings, as the relative (Aunt) eked a living out of alcohol sales. Her business attracted more men that would go an extra mile to ask for sexual favours.

Lokee had a fervent desire to join school. He always peeped through classroom windows to watch the children undertake their studies. He had been relegated to housekeeping roles because of no sense of belonging.

Fortunately overtime the teachers noticed him and openly granted him access to class without payment of any fees. This changed his life to a new chapter. From doubt to hope. Lokee utilized this opportunity to actively participate in the classroom. The urge to study, drew his teachers’ attention and they prompted for his full enrolment as a student at Kaurikiakine Primary school.

On the other side of the coin, Simon’s relative fell sick and succumbed to HIV. This was quite depressing because the Aunt had been the bread winner. Lokee was distressed by the fact that he had to fend for a young family as well as juggle with his books.

This pushed Lokee to work as a herdsman during weekends and holidays to earn a few cents to keep them going. Although, that did not stop him from volunteering to do some activities at school like mopping classrooms and slashing the compounds.

Next Chapter

When all was not lost, a door of opportunity opened during one of ECM’s field monitoring visits at the school. The Head teacher recommended and spoke  profoundly of the young man to Noel Amongi, ECM Programme Coordinator. Lokee had delayed joining secondary school because of lack of funds. Thus he had repetitively sat for primary seven examinations.

It was then that Amongi engaged, connected and further introduced him to Jesus Christ- Salvation. He was later accorded a slot under the ECM Education and Child sponsorship Programme.

In the recent release of National Primary Leaving Examinations 2020, Lokee scored 23 aggregates in Division 2 as the second best performer at school. He is hopefully to join a secondary school with assurance of attaining school fees and school requirements.

ECM informed the authority in charge of child protection of the child’s relationship with the organization. Lokee is at peace and appreciates ECM for bringing hope to achieve his dreams.