Not all was lost for Rubagumya’s fate

Allan Rubagumya, the last born amongst his siblings is one of the living testimonies of hope. At the death of his father at four years of age, Rubagumya’s mother did odd jobs to eke a living. However all was not sufficient to keep all the four in school as well as save something to eat.

Schooling became optional sometimes. One of the glorious times is when Rubagumya had joined a government sponsored and he was identified by a staff at Every Child Ministries to further his studies. Notably that was a great breakthrough! However he did not stay there long enough because of an entrepreneurial spirit. He always did petit jobs to sustain himself even while he did school. He sold fried rice in the evening along the roadside to earn a few bucks.

At Kamwokya Hope Center located in one of Kampala suburbs, the Next Step program aims at equipping youth with knowledge, skills and facilitates them with a seed capital to become noble adults, effectively functioning and contributing to their societies. This was a good fit for him! Rubagumya is one of the pioneers of Next Step in 2019, were he was prepared through mentorship, career guidance, entrepreneurship until he graduated and opted to do transport business with a motorcycle. This has reaped a rich harvest!

At 23 years, Rubagumya is married with two children. With support of a hardworking wife, he has built his house and is able to support his mother as well. He attributes his success to a shoulder lent by Every Child Ministries Uganda. He is a role model to other youth who are trying to figure out their purpose in life and always comes out to encourage them to stay foot with ECM for guidance and wisdom.