Owot’s choice in mechanics was a right turn

Owot Joel did not envision himself going to school like any other child. Life was tough especially after their return from Internal Displaced Persons Camp in Gulu. That was a new dawn of a peaceful life.

Starting from scratch, the parents did farm work for other people to sustain the family. Being the first born out of five children, Owot remained behind to take care of the siblings. Some days they went without food, a few other days were miraculous. On many fronts he participated in farm work as well.

When children met for Saturday club, he found it exciting to see children meet, listen to the word as well as eat together. His faith in God has also simultaneously grown over the years.

Fortunately, luck befell on him during one Saturday Club meeting, when he was identified out of many children in 2011 based on his vulnerability status. This was the start of a new chapter in his life; ECM took him on from primary level up to vocation level. He offered a course in Mechanical repairs and he now works in a garage in Gulu town.

“On average, I earn between 15,000 Shs to 25,000 Shs daily at the workshop and I am able to cater for rent, medical bills and buy food for the family. In fact, I have gone ahead to save a little from the earnings to secure my future,” Owot Shares.

Denis Acire, Programme Coordinator Gulu Hope Center praises Owot for his humble personality, endowed with a good character.

During a courtesy visit made by ECM Top management to Gulu Hope Center, Owot was found actively engaged in repair works. He was among recipients of food relief.

Unlike the high unemployment rate in Uganda amongst the youth, Owot has embraced and is very enthusiastic about his work. As a way of giving back to the community, he is willing to share skills gained with other youth of similar interest.  

Currently he hopes to own a workshop and can’t thank ECM enough for what he has become today. However, he prays the ministry continues to support other vulnerable children.