The donation saved her life

Harriet Namutebi lives with 5 and 2 grandchildren and her children respectively in a small congested house in Gayaza, Wakiso district. The pandemic pushed her son in law to disappear in thin air at the start of the lock down last year. Neither did the children have any support nor did the meals come easily.

For the last five years, she suffered a condition known as Hernia and could not afford medication. She did not know how to micromanage the two dilemmas. She hardly knew how to fend for all these children.

However, when Every Child Ministries (ECM) identified her family to benefit from the Family Empowerment Programme, that was a life changer to her. ECM donated 500,000 Uganda Shillings towards her surgery at Bomb Barracks Hospital.

“I am very grateful to ECM because I became hopeless without any money. ECM never stopped caring and even went further to deliver food relief during the pandemic. I am so grateful to God for ECM’s hand,” Namutebi testified at the Christmas party last month.

One of her daughters acknowledges that their mum had a big swelling on her stomach. “Sometimes she would not sleep but we prayed to God until a breakthrough happened. I took care of her while in the hospital. Although something queer happened at hospital. The theater only churned out dead bodies but it was a different story when my mother came out alive. My elder sister remained behind to take care of her young children,” the daughter narrates.

Namutebi was actively involved in the end of year celebrations.  She took part in the games like bottle filling activities and dancing around chairs. We are delighted that she is more hopeful now than ever, especially that she is part of the ECM programme.